Tear Down the Walls

Tear Down the Walls ✔ Taken ❒ Single ✔Awesome

A place for me to overcome alexithymia, my difficulty in experiencing, expressing, and describing emotional responses.

Someone amazing has taught me how to express myself.

There are no words that  can express how much comfort, joy, and peace these lyrics bring to me. I am so humbled to be called a follower of Christ. I, a sinner, who failed so much, so many times, and yet You gave everything to save someone like me, to save the world that You love. I am so blessed to know that no matter how many storms that I may go through, I will have this Hope as an anchor for my soul. Because Hope is so much more powerful than fear.

This song is a reminder that Christ is and should always be my unshakable resolve in this life. There’s nothing wrong with my life, I mean, God’s blessed me with so much. A loving family, filled with quirks, but that’s okay, cause no family is perfect. A passionate girlfriend (who is probably reading this right now anyways, but that’s okay) who makes me want to achieve great things in my life. A great university in a community filled with His messages.

I avoided tumblr for a long while because I hated how I was able to express myself with it. I hated feeling exposed, feeling ‘dramatic’ like a cry for attention, feeling hurt. But bottling up feelings inside, never expressing my mind, and just expecting everyone around me to just know how I’m feeling anyways is simply too unfair to those around me, because honestly, I don’t even know what I’m feeling almost all the time. But with no firm foundation, no anchor for my life, my relationships, my education, my career, my future, how will I endure? To have the hope of Christ as an anchor for my entirety, I am slowly, but surely, learning to trust in Him, to trust in the people that He has placed in my life, and to trust that I am able to share myself with those people.

"Your Name is higher, Your Name is greater, All my hope is in You

Your word unfailing, Your promise unshaken, All my hope is in You”


The wonder of her grace and beauty as she dances in the sunset,

As she shines her face upon me, with a smile brighter than a billion stars.

From the gentle touch of her hands, to the glowing depths of her eyes,

My heart finds comfort in the joy that she brings, a joy from when we first met.

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Cry Of The Broken
Hillsong Live
God Is Able

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Hillsong Live - Cry Of The Broken

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